Andri Már

Road and Gravel


Icelandic Gravel Viking?

In my role as Race Director for the Icelandic gravel race, Grefillinn, I've met with various people.

During one of our first meetings with our sponsor Castelli, the first thing that was brought up was my resemblance to Vikings due to my beard.

After doing a photo shoot for Castelli and Grefillinn, I realized that I should do something with this new nickname and my love for road and gravel cycling.

So why not combine this to

Icelandic Gravel Viking.

Grefillinn, gravel race

Gravel RAce

Grefillinn is a new Gravel Race through Borgarfjörður and Kaldadalur which is located just 100 km (62 mi) from the capital area.

However, don’t let that short distance fool you. With roughly 2.000 m (6,500 ft) elevation gains the course will take you to remote highlands, countryside roads, and water crossings.